Colossus Bets Jackpots Explained

Colossus Bets is a new and innovative sports betting site that offers a series of jackpots based on accumulator pool bets, that is where the prizes are based on the total value of the bets placed on a particular game. Winning players each gain a proportional share of the total staked (less any deductions), though many of the games offer guaranteed prizes that can run into the millions!

Below we detail the main pool bets offered by Colossus, which come in various guises, but first it is worth mentioning their ‘Cash-In’. If you have a live ticket (i.e. a pool bet for which all the results are yet to be determined) which contains at least one winning line, Colossus Bets may make you an offer to buy that ticket from you. This generally happens after the conclusion of one match on the ticket and before the start of another or perhaps at half time, and you can choose to Cash-In some of your live ticket at the offered price if you so desire.

If you Cash-In you will at least get a return if your bet loses, but you will no longer be entitled to the winnings of the proportion you cashed in if the overall bet wins. So tread very carefully… you certainly don’t want to miss out on a £5,000,000 win for the sake of Cashing-In £20! As such we would suggest only using the Cash-In feature if you are already being offered big, big money. What you decide is big, big money – of course – is your call.

Colossus Bets Jackpots and Options Available

  • The Colossus – This is the Big Daddy of the Colossus Bet pool bets, with a main jackpot of £5,000,000 plus a further £5,000,000 bonus being available to the very lucky few. To be in with a chance of winning this massive pile of cash (or at least a share of it!), you must correctly predict the scores or seven selected football matches. If you do that you will get a share of the £5m (and all of it if no one else manages this tricky feat), and then you will get the chance to get your hands on the £5m bonus if you correctly predict the score in the bonus game the following week. There’s also a £5,000 consolation prize if you get the right results (but not the correct scores), so given the Colossus costs just £2 a line, if you know your footy, this looks a lot better value than the Lottery!
  • Premier League – Pick 6 – With a jackpot of a cool £1,000,000 and a further £1,000,000 bonus, this option is similar to the Colossus but you have to predict the correct scores of the six Premier League matches they select in order to be in with a shout of the prize. This one has a £1,000 consolation and is also priced at £2 per line.
  • 20p Games – Pick 6 – You’re probably getting the hang of this now, the clues are in the game names: this option costs 20p a line and you need to pick the correct scores of six matches. With a jackpot of £100,000 plus a £100,000 bonus, this could be the best 20p you ever spend! Oh, there’s a £200 consolation on the same basis as the above too.
  • Pick 3 Games – With various jackpots (often around the £5,000 mark), the Pick 3 Games require you to, surprise, surprise, pick the scores of three matches. Various categories are catered for including the Premier League, the Championship and the FA Cup and though it is £2 per line, it’s obviously a whole lot easier to pick out three results than six or seven, so is worth considering.
  • HDA Games – HDA games require players to pick the results (Home/Draw/Away) of games rather than the specific scoreline. As they are easier to win, the jackpots are lower than with the games mentioned above, but there are often prize pools of £2,000, so these are still worth having a go on at £2 a line.

If you fancy having a go at any of these jackpots, you can do so by visiting their website. If you need your arm twisting to check them out, they’re currently running a promotion where you can get five free bets on the colossus for your chance to win £10m.