Both Teams To Score Explained

Betting on both teams to score (BTTS) is a relatively new phenomenon which was started when Betfred introduced Goals Galore, a simple betting market which involves you picking the games from a given list in which you think both teams will score. It is now offered by pretty much all bookmakers on just about every league in the world and is one of the most popular football bets out there.

The market is very simple to understand – you just pick games where you think both teams will score. Most bookmakers allow you to also pick games in which you DON’T think both teams will score too and these can often be combined in the same accumulator with games in which you are backing both to score.

Quite simply, with BTTS, any scoreline that doesn’t contain a “nil” is a winner, so 1-1 is as good as 4-4, is as good as 8-1. Own goals count, injury time strikes are worth just as much as those in the first minute of the game and all goals, be they penalties, tap-ins or 40 yard screamers are just as good as each other.

If you bet on both teams to score then as long as both sides score at least one goal your bet is a winner. Conversely, should you bet on both teams NOT to score, then any scoreline with a “nil” in it is a winner, including, of course, 0-0.

Why Is BTTS So popular?

Betting on both teams to score is a really fun way to watch a game as you can – if you don’t mind people thinking you’re odd – cheer for both teams! Whenever either side go on the attack you could be a step closer to winning your bet and it’s also a wager that usually provides excitement and interest until the final whistle.

In addition it’s a very simple bet to understand, with effectively just two outcomes to consider: will both teams score or won’t they? Also, because it’s a “yes or no” bet, the odds never deviate too much from the evens mark, making it ideal for accumulators giving you a nice balance between good odds and a reasonable chance of landing the bet.

Both Teams To Score Betting Strategy & Tips

As with almost any bet, knowledge is power and doing your research can give you a big advantage. If you know about key injuries to a side’s best defenders, goalkeeper, or attackers then you might just be able to get an edge on your BTTS betting. BTTS is also very easy to analyse from a statistical viewpoint with lots of sites offering information on teams’ recent games and also the head to head record between teams.

These stats are often particularly useful because scoring goals and keeping clean sheets are both very dependent on confidence and are thus prone to streaks. If a side has managed to keep a run of clean sheets and the keeper is in great form, full of confidence and belief, there is every chance they will keep another one and so backing both teams to score may not be wise.

If you can recognise the scoring or defensive streaks early, always taking into account both sides of course, there is a good chance you can profit from BTTS betting.

BTTS Betting Offers

As such a popular market, BTTS is very competitive with bookmakers often offering betting offers and bonuses to attract new customers. We’ll highlight these when they crop up from time to time but two of the best ones that are run very regularly are detailed below:

BetVictor: Back of the Net – BetVictor have a BTTS offer that gives you a refund of your losing stake (as Promo Cash) if you place a both teams to score accumulator of five teams or more and just one loses. This is a nice insurance policy and, with a maximum refund of £25 per day, a very generous offer.

Betfair: Acca Insurance – Betfair offer a very similar promotion that gives you money back (again, as a free bet) if you place a fourfold or above (with minimum odds of 4/1) and just one leg lets you down. Each leg must have odds of at least 1/5 and this offer is only applicable to bets placed in the fixed odds sportsbook, not the exchange.